Creative Writing at the Museum of Art

Thursday, May 04, 2023 - 5:00pm to 5:50pm

Museum of Art

Join us at the Museum of Art for a unique Creative Writing workshop series exploring themes within the current exhibitions. Sessions led by H.Z. (Zach) Lewis, MFA.

H.Z. (Zach) Lewis will guide participants through a unique workshop series of writing prompts to explore the themes found in current exhibitions at the Museum of Art. 

Each session in this 4-part series will combine elements of drawing to enhance the writing experience and will be based around the paintings the Participants choose. Each session will feature a different creative exercise. All are welcome and open to the public!

What can you expect in one of our Creative Writing programs? Here’s an example of a potential prompt:

Step 1: pick a painting to sketch from the current exhibitions.

Step 2: sketch the same painting from another perspective. Consider: physically in the space of the artwork, e.g. looking up from the glass on the table instead of as above, or emotionally.

Step 3: write a flash fiction piece (1/2 page to 1 page) on your re-imaging of perspective.

Step 4: rewrite that same flash fiction piece from the original perspective in the painting that was sketched. 

These steps will be expanded upon in each workshop (these are more of the various destinations, not necessarily the journey). Each workshop will be different but still follow the main theme of the workshop, “Perspective within Family and Myth.”


FEB. 16, 5:00PM – 5:50PM

MAR. 23, 5:00PM – 5:50PM

APRIL 27, 5:00PM – 5:50PM

MAY 4, 5:00PM – 5:50PM


About H.Z. Lewis

H.Z. Lewis is a writer originally from Richmond, Virginia. He graduated with an MFA in Fiction Writing from the University of New Hampshire. Some of his short fiction can be found in Neon Snooze Magazine. Currently, he continues work on his MFA thesis and debut novel, “Everyday is Tomorrow,” which was described as, “a unique commentary, or dark mirror, to our present media cauldron,” by his MFA Thesis advisor, Tom Payne. H.Z. Lewis lives in New Hampshire.


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