Liese Zahabi

Phone: (603) 862-2190
Office: Art & Art History, Paul Creative Arts Center, Durham, NH 03824
headshot of Liese Zahabi

Liese Zahabi is an assistant professor of interaction/graphic design in the Department of Art and Art History at UNH. She previously served as faculty at the University of Maryland in College Park and at Weber State University in Utah. She earned a Master of Graphic Design degree from North Carolina State University, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in graphic design from Eastern Michigan University. She has been working as a designer for over eighteen years and teaches courses in graphic design, interaction design, motion design and animation, typography, game design, user experience and design research. Professor Zahabi’s academic research focuses on search as a cognitive and cultural process, and how the design of metaphoric interfaces can change the experience of digital search tasks. Her creative design work is also metaphorical and explores how the nature of search manifests itself in visual patterns and sense-making, how the digital record influences memory and our understanding of history, and how language and image intersect within the context of the Internet.


  • MGD, Graphic Design, North Carolina State University
  • B.F.A., Graphic Design, Eastern Michigan Univ

Research Interests

  • 3D Modeling / Visualization
  • Access to Data/Information
  • Cognition
  • Computer Games/Gaming
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Interface
  • Computer/Digital Arts
  • Critical analysis and development of interfaces
  • Design history and pedagogy
  • Design of digital art and creative experiments
  • Digital Communications
  • Ethnography
  • Games in Education
  • Games Theory
  • Graphic Design
  • Information Science/Systems
  • Interfaces
  • Internet
  • Universal Design
  • Virtual Reality
  • Visual Arts

Courses Taught

  • ARTS 401: Principles of Design
  • ARTS 510: Principles of Design
  • ARTS 596: Special Top/Design & People
  • ARTS 600: Internship in Studio Art
  • ARTS 610: Principles of Typography
  • ARTS 611: Animation and Motion Design
  • ARTS 612: Interaction & Game Design
  • ARTS 613: Design and Place
  • ARTS 614: Design and People
  • ARTS 700H: Honors Seminar
  • ARTS 796: Ind Study: Studio Art/Design

Selected Artistic Activities & Publications

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