Melinda White

Office: English, Hamilton Smith Hall Rm 330G, Durham, NH 03824

Courses Taught

  • ENGL 401: First-Year Writing
  • ENGL 501: Intro to Creative Nonfiction
  • ENGL 510: Intro to Digital Humanties
  • ENGL 623: Creative Nonfic/DigitalWriting
  • ENGL 693: Special Topics/Digital Lit


  • Ph.D., Media, Art, and Text, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • M.S., Literature and Writing, Utah State University
  • B.S., Professional and Technical Writing, Utah State University

Research Interests

  • Digital composition
  • Digital storytelling
  • Media theory
  • Multimodal narratives
  • Postmodern and electronic literature
  • Virtual Reality

Selected Publications

  • White, M. (2022). Weirding Winona: iDMAa 2022 Weird Media Exhibition. The Electronic Book Review, Sept. 2022. Retrieved from https://electronicbookreview.com/

  • White, M. (2021). Plat(free)forms: accessible tools for new e-lit composers. ELMCIP. Retrieved from https://elmcip.net/

  • White, M. (2020). Digital Deep-Sea Diving: Navigating the Narrative Depths of E-lit and VR. Mind the Gap! Thinking Electronic Literature in a Digital Culture, 251-270. Retrieved from https://nt2.uqam.ca/

  • White, M. M. (2016). Creative Writing in the Computer Lab: Video, Hypertext, and Google Map Essays. The Journal of Digital Media Arts and Practice. Retrieved from http://www.idmaajournal.org/