Philosophy Major | Inspirational High School Philosophy Teacher
Why did you major in philosophy?
Philosophy Major | Currently Getting Ph.D
Ph.D. Candidate in Engineering What were you doing 1 year out of college? Graduate school for engineering! What are you doing now? About to get my Ph.D.! Graduating soon and looking for jobs. In what ways has your UNH liberal arts education helped you get where you are today? My philosophy degree...
Spanish and Theatre Majors | Project Manager, Advertising Agency
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German and International Affairs Majors | Senior Institutional Relations Manager for CAPA, The Global Education Network
Tell us about yourself and where you are today. I grew up in New Hampshire, graduated from UNH in 2006, and have worked in international education ever since with a couple of years teaching abroad in Austria. Currently, I’m the Senior Institutional Relations Manager for CAPA The Global Education...
Spanish and International Affairs Dual Major | Freelance Translator
Please tell us about yourself and where you are today. Hi there! My name is Patrick, and I'm from Hampton, New Hampshire. I am passionate about languages, travel, and making sure I never miss an opportunity to learn something new. While I hail from New Hampshire, I am fortunate to spend part of the...
Political Science Major | Analyst at JP Morgan
Please tell us a about yourself and where you are now today. I'm a 2015 graduate of UNH's COLA school. I've been living in NYC for the past 2.5 years post-graduation and working in the financial services industry. Did you have another major and/or minor at UNH? What impact did studying a language...
Russian language and International Affairs Majors | Field Manager for Forward Montana
Please tell us a about yourself and where you are now today. I graduated from UNH in May 2016. After graduating, I moved out to Denver, Colorado to work for an environmental nonprofit. From there I was transferred to Des Moines, Iowa to continue my work. This Spring I moved out to beautiful Bozeman...
Communication & International Affairs | Communication Intern at CIEE
About Abby and Where She is Today My name is Abby Lehner. I am a recent graduate of UNH, having earned a Bachelors in Communication & International Affairs with a minor in German. While apart of UNH, I was an active member at WUNH, claiming the title 'DJ Hotwheelz'. I was lucky to work the LLC...
History and French major | Digital Director at NECN
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History Major | Manager of Social Media at UNH
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History Major | eCommerce sales and marketing part at Eco-Products
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History Major | Self-Employed Professional Musician
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