Anthropology and Women's Studies Major | Public Affairs Organizer, Planned Parenthood
Upon graduation from the University of New Hampshire in May 2013 I've jumped right into social justice work.  I have been devoted to the issue of reproductive justice since beginning my time at UNH and I find it very rewarding to find myself in a career path that puts the same emphasis on a topic...
Psychology Major | High School Counselor
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Communication and Psychology Majors | Filmmaker
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Psychology Major | Residential Director
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Psychology and Justice Studies Majors | Director of the Mental Health Community Supervision Programs
What were you doing 1 year out of college? One year out of college I was working as a correctional officer at the Strafford County House of Corrections. I had been working on campus while I attended classes, but when I graduated I had no prospective job offers in my field. I was aiming higher than...
Psychology Major | Teaching Part-Time at California State University Long Beach
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Philosophy Major | First Year Graduate Student at BU
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Psychology Major | Dean of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Georgia Southern University
Current employment: Georgia Southern University News: Awarded the rank of Professor of Psychology in 2014 and I'm currently serving as the Dean of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences in an interim appointment at Georgia Southern University. In what ways have you found the study of...
Psychology | Family Support and Stabilization Clinician
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Psychology Major | Customer Success Manager Hubspot
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Political Science Major | Works in Telecommunications Law and Public Policy Field
UNH set the career I enjoy today in motion. My professors encouraged debate in class, which helped me uncover a passion I never knew I had before college. New Hampshire has such a unique political landscape and with the nation’s first primary, UNH offered...
Political Science Major | Partner at Threespot
Today, I am a partner at Threespot, a communications agency in Washington, D.C. We are 40 people, focused on working with mission-oriented non-profits, trade associations, charitable foundations, and government agencies, helping them harness the power of digital strategy, design and technology to...