Political Science and Justice Studies Majors | Manager of Institutional Partnerships at Just Vision
Please tell us a about yourself (can be brief) and where you are now today.   I graduated from UNH in May 2013, and am now working in my dream job as the Manager of Institutional Partnerships at Just Vision, a nonprofit...
Music Education Major | Director of Athletic Bands at UNH
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International Affairs and Music Education Majors | PR Officer/Event Coordinator, Municipality of Larissa
2007 marks eleven years since I graduated from UNH, and nine years since I left the U.S. to live in Greece. The journey was, and still is, an interesting, educational and difficult one.
History and Political Science Majors | 8th Grade American History Teacher
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Political Science Major | Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at New York Law School in Manhattan
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Political Science Major | Runs a Personal Library Branch | Author
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Political Science Major | Working in Alumni Relations at Puget Sound University
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Music Performance and Music Education Major | Performance Artist and Studio Teacher
UNH Alumna Amal El-Shrafi '09 will be singing the role of  ‘Antonia’ from The Tales of Hoffman with Opera North in August 2018. She has been hailed by the Boston Music Intelligencer as “shining through with a strength and power that matched her character’s presence onstage.” The Palestinian-...
Political Science major | Works at Portsmouth Public Library
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Public Administration M.P.A. | Seacoast Banker
40 Under Forty, Seacoast banker Ben Wheeler helps lead within the community "I think I'm probably one of the luckiest guys in the world," Ben Wheeler says when asked about the path his life has taken. He comes from a close-knit New Hampshire family, has been guided by life-long mentors, and has the...
Public Administration M.P.A. | Working on a M.P.A. degree
In the last two decades our world has become increasingly more and more interdependent. Various political and economic developments have contributed to this interdependence, including dissolution of the Soviet Union, development of sophisticated information technologies and knowledge economies,...
Public Administration M.P.A. | Deputy Fire Chief in Concord
UNH Master of Public Administration student Sean Toomey, spends his days serving as deputy fire chief at the Concord Fire Department and his nights studying for his master's degree at the UNH Graduate School Manchester Campus. An alumnus of UNH, Toomey graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science...