Brook Boyer '87

International Affairs and Environmental Conservation Major | Senior Programme Officer, UN Institute for Training and Research
Brook Boyer

It’s hard to believe that I graduated from UNH 20+ years ago. What is easy to believe, on the other hand, is how instrumental the UNH International Affairs dual major has been to the advancement of my career. 

The dual major enabled me to place an international emphasis on my field of study—environmental conservation. I can recall people raising their eyebrows when I described my interest combining environmental conservation with international affairs. I guess some found it to be a rather peculiar combination at the time. But it was the uniqueness of the UNH program that enabled me to bridge the two fields and personalize my major—something that few other universities if any could offer. And I am grateful to Professor McCann for spearheading such a forward-looking program.

After graduating from UNH, I continued to be interested in international environmental policy-making and negotiation, pursuing masters and doctoral studies at the Graduate Institute of International Studies here in Geneva. The 1992 Rio Conference and the negotiation of a number of international environmental agreements confirmed the appropriateness of my dual major.

Today I work for the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, where I am involved in the design and delivery of diplomacy training projects, some of which relate to enhancing the capacity of delegates to perform effectively in multilateral environmental negotiations and conferences. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, I travel extensively to many parts of the world. It’s a lifestyle that I hardly imagined I would be living, and I feel fortunate to be able to pursue a career today that reflects interests dating back to my years at UNH.

Living and working abroad is indeed one of the richest and most fulfilling experiences in life, and it is nice to know that so many other UNH dual majors have also had rewarding international experiences.