John Kraft '99

Psychology Major | Dean of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Georgia Southern University
John Kraft

Current employment: Georgia Southern University

News: Awarded the rank of Professor of Psychology in 2014 and I'm currently serving as the Dean of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences in an interim appointment at Georgia Southern University.

In what ways have you found the study of psychology to be useful and/or valuable: Studying psychology as a graduate student was even more transformative than I expected it to be and I expected a lot.  I started off in the social psychology program but became intellectually stimulated by the philosophy of behaviorism when I served as Billy Baum's graduate assistant.  I melded the two areas together and studied group behavior the way a behavior analyst studied individual choice behavior. It was a great experience to see the data come out beautifully. My dissertation was relatively easy because my coursework, the faculty, my thesis research, the BFEs (yes I took two) and my mentor prepared me well.

Thank you, UNH PSYC.

May 2018