Taylor Alcorn ‘20

English and Justice Studies Majors | 3L Law Student

Hometown: Waterboro, Maine
Undergraduate Major(s)/Minor(s): B.A. English and Justice Studies, Business Minor
Graduating Class Year: 2020
Student Organizations: The Mock Trial Team
Did you go to Law School directly after graduating college? Yes
What area of Law are you interested in? Civil Litigation, specifically business litigation and personal injury
Email: taylor.alcorn28@gmail.com

Where are you in your legal career?

I am a 3L Student at Suffolk University Law School. I have an internship at a law firm and with a solo practitioner.

What suggestions do you have for studying for the LSAT?

Use the study methods that work best for you, be consistent, and learn techniques for how to take the test. As many practice questions as possible!

What suggestions do you have for applying to law school?

Good grades and be involved in clubs/activities, even if they aren’t law related. Schools want to see that you can keep up with a busy schedule and can balance what’s on your plate well.

What advice do you have for students who are interested in attending law school?

A strong reading and writing background as an English major helped me more than any political science or prelaw classes.

Do some research about the schools and do campus visits like you probably did for colleges. Talk to people you may know who are law students already. Sitting down with some of them gave me a more realistic perception of law school than the articles and blogs so I was able to properly mentally prepare myself. Seeing the schools allowed me to see the atmosphere I was going to be a part of.