Paul Pathways Program

The Paul Pathways Program gives students admitted into the program as COLA undeclared students a direct path to become a Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics student at UNH.


If Paul Pathways students meet the minimum criteria below after their first semester at UNH, they will automatically be enrolled as a Paul College student for the January semester.

  • Complete Math 422 (Math for Business Applications) or PHIL 431 (Business Ethics)
  • Complete either Economics 401 or 402 (Macro- or Microeconomics)
  • Earn a grade of ‘B-’ or better in each of these classes
  • Earn a fall semester cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Pass Paul 405: Freshman Academic Experience 
  • Remain in good standing with the conduct office


Paul College provides resources during your first semester to help students succeed in their first semester at UNH:

  • Academic Advising

Paul Pathway students are assigned a dedicated academic advisor in the University Advising Center who has significant experience in advising students and collaborating with the Paul College Undergraduate Programs Office.

  • FIRE

Paul Pathways students participate in Paul College’s First-year Innovation and Research Experience (FIRE). They will join a small team of other first year students in the Paul Pathways Program. This is led by an upperclassman Paul College peer advisor who will help make the transition into university life and support efforts to meet the standards listed above.

  • Courses

The University Advising Center and Paul College Undergraduate Programs Office will work together to ensure students are enrolled in the coursework needed for their fall semester.

Read what some Paul Pathways alumni have to say

“Throughout my experience in the Paul Pathways Program I was continuously shown and given overwhelming support. My professors and advisors were extremely helpful in guiding me in the right direction. Whether I needed extra help on a math problem or further explanation on an economics concept, help was always available. Office hours or simply going to the math center was extremely useful to me. The FIRE program helped me stay on top of my work and gave me so many new friends within the program! Everybody is extremely helpful and wants to see you succeed and perform up to your full potential within Paul College.”
Christine “Tina” Aboujaoude ‘23

“As someone who was put into the pathways program, I initially felt like I didn’t belong here because I didn’t earn it and I wasn’t qualified. However, I quickly found that was not the case and I found that the people here at UNH want nothing more than for you to succeed. Between my FIRE peer advisor and the resources, you have available, there is so much opportunity for you to get involved and gain experience in such a small amount of time. Before I knew it, I was officially in Paul and wouldn’t want it any other way.”
Peter “PJ” Marcouiller ‘23