• Anthropology students on a farm


    Explore the Department of Anthropology Anthropology is a field of visionaries, makers and collaborators, taking a critical, creative and holistic approach to the study of humankind. We teach hands-on courses in archaeology and socio-cultural, applied, biological and forensic anthropology, reflecting our faculty members’ research in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Central and Southeast Asia....

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  • Art student drawing

    Art and Art History

    Explore the Department of Art and Art History The Department of Art and Art History provides an integrated studio and art history experience. Through the study of history, critical analysis, materials, techniques and contemporary art practices, we encourage you to construct meaning, understand multiple perspectives, employ differing academic disciplines and unravel the complexities of creativity...

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  • faculty and student working

    Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies

    Explore the Department of classics, humanities, and italian studies UNH students who study in Classics, Humanities and Italian Studies (CHI) gain a wide variety of skills through a combination of different disciplines, starting with linguistic training in Greek, Italian, Latin and other languages and critical interpretation of literature, history, art, philosophy and other humanities. Our faculty...

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  • Communications classroom lecture


    Explore the Department of Communication Our students explore the ways in which various forms of communication constitute, maintain and transform social life. We offer courses in media studies, rhetoric and face-to-face interaction. We'll encourage you to "learn how to learn" and to be clear and precise writers and critical thinkers. We promote a philosophy of education and an approach to...

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  • Education students in smiling in class


    Explore the Department of Education The Department of Education is a community of scholars, educators, and students who strive to cultivate a robust and civil public discourse that engages citizens and residents in the policies, practices, and institutions that impact their lives through the broad field of Education. In this work, the humanities, sciences, and social sciences are at the very the...

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  • professor and students in class


    Explore the Department of EnGlish “English majors are used to getting a tough assignment, figuring it out, and getting it done” (The Small Business Bible). English majors are experts in the art and science of words; this gives you skills to expand your imaginative potential and solve real-world problems. English journalists report, write and produce innovative stories across multiple platforms....

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  • Geography Department


    Explore the Department of Geography The geography major addresses the “why of where” by uniting social and biophysical sciences, humanities and technology to examine the factors that make a place or environment unique. Connecting academic inquiry to real-world problem solving, you will develop critical thinking skills and be prepared to transfer classroom and field experience into a wide range of...

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  • History Professor


    Explore the Department of history As historians, we believe the past provides the keys to understanding the present.  From Boston to Beijing, we chase down evidence to explain what happened, how and why. We explore how people have lived in different times and places, and we present our findings as clearly and elegantly as we can. The study of history demands careful reading and clear writing. As...

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  • photo of students in discussion

    Interdisciplinary Studies

    Explore Interdisciplinary Studies As a student pursuing interdisciplinary study, you will have a unique opportunity to study various approaches to an area of inquiry, gaining a complex and deep understanding of your subject.

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  • UNH students above city

    International Affairs

    Explore the International affairs program The most pressing matters of our time — migration, climate change, violent conflict, human rights, economic globalization, epidemics — transcend national boundaries and require a global response. The International Affairs (IA) program at UNH equips students from any of the five colleges to take on these global challenges through rigorous,...

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  • Justice Studies students in classroom lecture

    Justice Studies

    Explore the Justice Studies Program Justice studies majors think critically about issues that are part of the national conversation concerning justice: race and policing, cybercrime, the opioid crisis, juvenile delinquency, sexual and interpersonal violence, immigrants and refugees, wrongful convictions and bullying. All students do applied or research internships in New England or Washington....

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  • students in front of Murkland Hall

    Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

    Explore the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures is a diverse department that teaches eight world languages -- Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, and offers a range of courses in literature, linguistics and culture (most taught in the target language). We work closely with you in small...

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  • UNH Liberal Studies - student

    Liberal Studies

    Explore the Liberal Studies Program Where grown-ups pursue their passion. The master of arts in liberal studies is an innovative, interdisciplinary, and intellectual master's program. Design your own course of study, choosing courses from across the University that focus on a significant topic, issue, perspective or cultural development that excites you. Our faculty will provide one-on-one...

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  • linguistics lecture


    Explore the Linguistics Program Language is an integral part of human identity. As a Linguistics major, you’ll study language, from its inner parts — how do sounds, words and sentences work? — to its interactions with society on a local and global scale. You’ll learn about languages around the world, and the forces that cause them to change, to spread and to become endangered. You’ll explore the...

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  • oboe and flute students playing in a rehearsal


    Explore the Department of MUSIC We strive for excellence in performance, music education and academics within a liberal arts tradition. Our mission is to advance musical culture within the UNH community, among residents of the state and beyond. To that end, you will actively participate in a variety of ensembles: chamber groups that tour the region, choral groups that compete internationally and...

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  • students in class


    Explore the Department of Philosophy UNH philosophy majors acquire the ability to think systematically and imaginatively about fundamental and enduring issues such as morality, justice, happiness, beauty, gender, race, nature, artificial intelligence, space, time, and the meaning of life and death. Our internationally-renowned professors emphasize discussion, debate and writing in our courses....

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  • Students working with MSNBC to cover democratic candidates debate

    Political Science

    Explore the Department of Political Science Whether you are interested in American politics, comparative politics, international relations or political thought, here you'll find active and engaged faculty who are widely respected and devoted to teaching. You’ll gain communication and analytic skills and the knowledge base you need to pursue careers in public service, law, business, nonprofits,...

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  • Psychology student giving a presentation


    Explore The Department of Psychology Psychology, and Neuroscience and Behavior The Department of Psychology focuses on the scientific study of human and non-human behavior. The program in neuroscience and behavior, shared between Liberal Arts and Life Sciences and Agriculture, focuses on the scientific study of the brain and its relationship to behavior.

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  • person


    Explore the Department of Sociology The sociology major at UNH prepares you to succeed in an increasingly diverse, global and technologically-driven world. It helps you understand the complexities of social behavior and how social forces shape and constrain people’s lives. The major promotes scientific inquiry, digital literacy and cultural awareness. It helps you hone creative thinking and...

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  • Theater students on stage with a giant mask

    Theatre and Dance

    Explore the Department of Theatre and Dance Intense, demanding, passionate and daring. That is the experience of the students who submerse themselves in the Department of Theatre and Dance. Our central focus is to bring out the most unique, powerful and expressive artist possible from every student. Our graduates find success in all areas of theatre and dance, film, television, and in other...

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  • students with holding posters with the reasons they need feminism

    Women's and Gender Studies

    Explore the department of Women's and gender Studies Connect to your community and contribute directly to changing the campus climate and our world. Our courses encourage you to critically examine basic questions about gender roles, gender identity and social justice. Our classes cover topics from gaming and sports to diversity and activism. Small class sizes and engaged faculty afford women’s...

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