The Financial Operations Center for USNH has provided communications below that may help you determine whom to contact for your finance needs. USNH also maintains a Finance website on Sharepoint.

Good Afternoon,
On behalf of the Procurement and Accounts Payable teams we wanted to provide an update on payment request processing and provide you access to new UShop forms based on your role as a UShop Shopper.

Resources and Support

  • Training is available and posted on the IT Training Calendar
  • If you have questions about these forms you can submit a TDx ticket to procurement or contact Accounts Payable.
  • If you have feedback or suggestions on the form or process you can provide feedback here

Based on campus feedback last spring, our teams have been working to rollout payment request forms within UShop, these align to the practices of our peer institutions and streamline the payment process for Non-PO Payment Request, One Time Payment Request, and streamline processes for invoice submission for payment on a PO.

Over the late spring and summer, we have conducted lived testing on these forms that included over 60 Requesters with over 2,500 requests successfully processed.

These forms are now being made available to Shoppers who can utilize these forms to process live requests.

The standard process to obtain goods and services has not changed. Generally, a requisition should be submitted into UShop that will create a UShop Purchase Order. This is the mechanism to procure the vast majority of goods and services.

Payment Request Forms have been designed to cover a variety of other situations and streamline the process for payments. Here are some highlights of when to use these forms:

Non-PO Payment Request

  • Payment for signed contracts
  • Utilities
  • Lease payments
  • Approximately 15 other categories described at the top of the form

 One-Time Payment Request

  • Honoraria for US citizens under $200
  • Student support cost
  • Student award
  • Prizes
  • etc.

Submit Invoice for Existing PO

  • Suppliers normally send their invoices directly to AP and reference the appropriate PO number for payment.
  • If the supplier sends an invoice to your department instead, you can utilize this form to submit it to AP for processing and track its status.

You can begin using these forms Friday!

Thank you,
The Procurement and Accounts Payable Teams

Dear Colleagues:

As we prepare to welcome everyone back to our three campuses, we want to provide a current list of business process resources to assist you in your planning and preparations. These resources will help you prepare your teams, systems, processes, curriculum, research and many other things that make our community strong and vibrant.

We are providing access to key people and information that will answer questions and source solutions as you navigate back-to-campus activities. Detailed information, including additional links and telephone numbers, is listed below.

With your feedback and flexibility during the restructuring of systems and processes last year, we have overcome barriers and remedied several obstacles that were the most challenging. We need your help to continue to improve the efficiency of our systems. If you encounter something that needs to be addressed or have questions about how to move forward, please continue to call the resource hotline to speak to a member of the finance or provost’s office team at (603) 862-4685, Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.  

One important reminder is that global supply chains are experiencing delays in key areas, so we encourage you to place your orders early.    


James W. Dean, Jr.                                          Wayne Jones
President                                                        Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


Purchasing, UShopNH: Who is my point of contact/requester to make a purchase?

  • For grant related purchases your STAR/GCA team is supporting in this role and serves as your requester. 
  • For non-grant related purchases:   UNH Requester List

Payment of Goods and Services (invoices): Finance Operations Center, Carol Meyer at (603) 862-1474;

Travel advancements and other personal expense reimbursements: Jennifer Yee at (603) 862-3264;

Payroll: Rosemary Ford at (603) 862-1400;

Sponsored Programs Administration (STAR, Pre-Award Compliance & Accounting & Financial Compliance):  (603) 862-4865

  • Find your grant and contract administrator: 

Human Resources information (Including appointing a faculty member, staff member, student or graduate assistant)   

UKG Dimensions (Kronos): Book a 1:1, Q&A, or Training Session with a Time and Leave Specialist

UNH Budget and Finance: Melanie Strahan at (603) 862-4685, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

A temporary helpline to field questions about changes in the HR, Finance, SPA and Procurement processes is now available: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. –5 p.m. at (603) 862-4685. It will offer the following support functions: 

  • Help callers locate the resources, services and workflows for the most common HR, Finance, SPA and Procurement questions  
  • Provide callers with links to existing self-help knowledge base articles, job-aids, or tool kits from the offices listed below 
  • Escalate issues to administrators when necessary and connect customers to the appropriate subject matter experts to help them resolve issues 

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you all had a wonderful summer! My name is Sarah Connor and I am the Director of Finance for the Academic Unit Finance Team. Our team is responsible for providing financial support to the five colleges on the Durham campus as well as the Institute for the Study of Earth, Ocean and Space (EOS). Before taking on this role I was the BSC Director for COLSA and provided financial oversight and support to the provost for all of the units that reported into his office. Prior to UNH I’ve held finance positions in economic development and public health.  I look forward to working with all of you in the future.

Our Academic Unit Finance Team includes professionals with significant prior experience in UNH BSCs across campus which allows us to share our varied experiences and work toward well-informed process improvements. We have created teams to support each unit but we also maintain a general mailbox which is monitored on a regular basis While most of our team is remote we do hope to set up in-person meetings and zoom calls whenever possible.

College of Engineering and Physical Science |
Christine Dupere
Ana Knezevic

College of Health and Human Services
Christine Dupere
Jamie McPheters

College of Liberal Arts
Angela Prescott Bell
Jamie McPheters

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture
Christine Dupere
Ana Knezevic

Paul College of Business and Economics
Angela Prescott Bell
Jamie McPheters

Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space
Christine Dupere
Ana Knezevic

All unit support and special projects
Evelina Izdebski
Donny Joy

Attached here is a visual resource to help you with the transition from the BSC structure to the new shared service model. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions along the way.


Thank you,

Sarah Littlefield Connor
Director of Finance – Academic Units

FAR Restructuring & Current Guidance

June 4, 2021

Good afternoon,

I hope this message finds you all well and ready to enjoy another beautiful New England summer!

Below is a list of current contact information to help you navigate the transition from the BSC structure to the new UNH Financial Division, USNH Financial Operations Center (FOC), and Support Team for the Administration of Research (STAR).  I will send updates as more operations transition.

Please reach out to us ( with any questions. We greatly appreciate your patience as we work through the redistribution of duties and the departure of our colleagues taking the CERP. We look forward to working with you.

For transactions being processed by the FOC please email either  or

For all grant related questions please see the communication from SPA with links to their individual GCAs or you can email: STAR group at SPA

For all other finance questions please contact our group at: UNH Finance – academic units
Paul College

Thank you and enjoy the summer!

Sarah Littlefield Connor
Director of Finance
Phone: 603-862-4033 | Fax: 603-862-1096 |