photo of Cynthia Van Zandt

Cynthia Van Zandt

Phone: (603) 862-2018
Office: History, Horton Social Science Center Rm 411, Durham, NH 03824

Courses Taught

  • HIST 498: Expl/Witchcraft & Witch Hunts
  • HIST 595: Expl/IndigenousPpls&Sovereign
  • HIST 603/803: European Conquest of N America
  • HIST 662/862: England in Tudor&Stuart Period
  • HIST 690/890: Seminar: Historical Expl
  • HIST 797/897: Colloquium
  • HIST 989: Research Sem Early Amer Hist
  • HIST 997: Dir Read/Early American Hist


  • Ph.D., History, University of Connecticut
  • M.A., University of Connecticut
  • B.A., University of Virginia

Research Interests

  • Colonial North America
  • Early Modern Atlantic world
  • Native America

Selected Publications

  • Van Zandt, C. J. (2020). The Gunpowder Plot, Anti-Popery, and the Establishment of Virginia. In AGAINST POPERY (pp. 51-69). Retrieved from

  • Zandt, C. J. V. (2008). Brothers Among Nations The Pursuit of Intercultural Alliances in Early America, 1580-1660. Oxford University Press.

  • Van Zandt, C. J. (2003). Mapping and the European Search for Intercultural Alliances in the Colonial World. Early American Studies An Interdisciplinary Journal, 1(2), 72-99. doi:10.1353/eam.2007.0064

  • Van Zandt, C. J. (1999). Cartographic encounters: Perspectives on Native American mapmaking and map use. WILLIAM AND MARY QUARTERLY, 56(3), 620-622. Retrieved from

  • Van Zandt, C. (n.d.). Waiting at Ebenezer: Regicides, New England, and the Restoration Underground, 1640-1685.

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