Theatre Major | Theatre Company Founder
Mask and Dagger and the Department of Theatre and Dance made me feel like I belonged for possibly the first time in my life.
English Literature Major and Master of Liberal Studies | Professor
As an undergrad, I chose literature as my major. I chose it because I love literature. At the time, people didn't think too highly of literature majors. In the workplace today, our critical thinking skills are highly valued. The classes I had in the English Department and Women's Studies stand out...
Communication and Sociology Majors | Higher Ed Communications and Marketing
What are some of my strongest memories of UNH? I was relatively shy and started to gain my confidence once I started getting involved with clubs and activities. I never thought I'd join a fraternity, but I ended becoming President of...
Political Science Major | Government Affairs Coordinator, National Association of Chemical Distributors
Describe what you are currently doing for work and the path you took to get to this point? My current role is as the coordinator of government affairs for the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD). In this role, I split my time evenly between legislative and regulatory affairs. At...
History Master's Degree | Professor of History
What are you currently doing for work and what path did you take to get to this point? After earning my Master of Arts degree in history at UNH, I went on to doctoral studies at Tulane University, and eventually to a professorship at Arkansas Tech University, where I am a historian and hold the...
Geography Major | Project Manager, Berkeley Investments
What you are currently doing for work and what did it take to get there? I am a project manager in real estate development. This role engages tasks including: aiding underwriting and creating feasibility studies, managing the design team and leading the entitlement process, assisting with financing...
Theatre Major | Music Director, Winter Park Playhouse (Winter Park, FL)
What are you currently doing for work and what was the path you took to get here? Resident music director at Winter Park Playhouse, a full-time professional Musical Theatre located in the Orlando, FL area. I was introduced to the...
History and Anthropology Majors | Higher Education Fundraiser
UNH gave me so many opportunities to shape me into who I am today. I became a more social leader and literally learned how to do my current job from my on-campus job at UNH Phonathon.  
English/Journalism Major | Journalist
My time at UNH — and perhaps most notably at...
Geography and Sociology Majors | Program Support, Higher Ed Academic and Career Advising
I'm a senior program support assistant in Academic and Career Advising at Keene State College. I love working in education and helping students find their place in college, and the world! My UNH degree is dynamic and can be used in many ways, both professionally and personally.
Art History and Italian Studies Majors | Graduate Student
UNH was a place where I felt free to find what I was most passionate about. I also felt enormously supported by my professors, resident hall directors, bosses, and peers.
Communication Major | Account Coordinator at a PR Agency
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