Journalism and Spanish Major | International News Editor, The Blade’s
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History and English Major | Works at Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
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Sociology Major | Alumni Relations Team, Harvard Kennedy School
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English Major | Creator of Raya on Assignment
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Anthropology and History Major | Deputy Director, Carsey School, UNH.
Read more about Curt Grimm's success using his Anthropology and History degree on UNH Tales. While obtaining my BA in Anthropology and History at UNH, I was very intrigued with the international development work being done in Africa by Anthropology Professors Stephen Reyna and Richard Downs.  After...
Anthropology Major | Anthropology Professor, Syracuse University
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Anthropology Major | Inpatient Hospice Care
As an anthropology undergraduate I pursed coursework and fieldwork in biological anthropology, studies that evolved from interests in forensic anthropology, to bioarchaeology to public health.  Soon after obtaining my B.A. in anthropology I followed this fluid path toward becoming a registered...
Anthropology Major | Obtaining Masters in Social Work
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Anthropology Major | Market and Training Coordinator for NASAP
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Anthropology Major | Project Director, UNH Sustainability Institute
After graduating from UNH in 2001, I found a 9-month hourly position working at the UNH Sustainability Institute. I was hired to help organize a conference on sustainable agriculture and to help with other food system related work. Fast-forward over a decade later, and I continue to work at the UNH...
Anthropology Major | Human Services
In the first chapter of her career, Kendra Hanlon worked for the benefit of individuals experiencing homelessness in Massachusetts, first in outreach and communications, then in fundraising and development. “It turns out that homelessness is an umbrella term for the failure of multiple social...
Anthropology and Justice Studies Major | Junior Web Developer, GYK Antler
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