Communication and International Affairs Major | International Marketing Manager
One of the best things I took away from my four years at UNH was a major in International Affairs. As a student, I was keenly interested in all things related to new cultures, languages and travel but I struggled to envision a career path that would allow me to incorporate these interests into my...
Communication: Business Applications and Hospitality Major | Account Coordinator, Lauchlanworks
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Communication Major | Creator of Studio Nouveau
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Communication Major | Middle School Math Teacher
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Communication Major | Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Valeant Pharmaceuticals
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Communication Major | Licensed Realtor, Red Post Realty
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Communication Major | Marketing Software Company
What were you doing 1 year out of college? I was working at Barnes & Noble because they had offered me a 40-hour position with benefits and that was appealing considering the turn the economy had taken. I also had continued my habit of taking on side projects, typically in photography or the...
Communication Major | Account Manager for a Life Safety Rope Company
"UNH taught me how to manage my priorities, grow professionally and how to think critically. My experience at UNH has given me the confidence to explore the world and its possibilities." Read more about about Aaron's success using his degree in communication on UNH Tales.
Communication Major | Realtor Seacoast N.H.
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International Affairs and Humanities Majors | Senior Vice President, Avis Budget Group
Following graduation from UNH I spent two years in Italy working in a law office in Rome--a wonderful experience though I realized how much more I could do with a law degree. Law school at Boston University was a rewarding and challenging experience. With the solid foundation provided by UNH and...
Classics, History and Philosophy Majors | Research Fellow at Kobe University in Kobe, Japan
Convinced that college was best spent exploring as many different paths as possible, Cory McKenzie (’15) of Hampstead, New Hampshire, followed many a rabbit trail during his years at the University of New Hampshire. Entering UNH as a history major, Cory dabbled in the histories of the Russian...
Classics Major | Biomedical Researcher
Concerning majoring in classics: having sat on admissions interviews for UConn, the old saying still rings true about medical schools wanting the “well rounded student.” Science majors are a dime a dozen, and it is what the candidate can do outside of the sphere of science that really makes them...